Jeulia Black Diamond Ring Review

Diamond is the love of many women, and if that diamond has black color, its class and elegance is no match with others. Rings augment the beauty of the hand, and when it is a black diamond ring, you whole personality shines like a star. There are many ring makers in the world, but jewelry from Jeulia holds magic. In this Jeulia Black Diamond Ring review, learn what makes them special.

An In-Depth Jeulia Black Diamond Ring Review

What is Jeulia Black Diamond Ring?

Jeulia Black Diamond Ring Review

Jeulia is the place where you can see the great diversity in the black diamond rings. When you visit their website, you will see that they have a big range of rings that are adorned with black diamond. They produce rings having 100% sterling silver with synthetic diamond. Synthetic diamonds have all the qualities of the ones that are found in nature; but diamonds that are prepared in labs are free of any flaw and are much more affordable.

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What make Black Diamond Ring so Special?

Jeulia Black diamond rings have their own class. Their elegance is like no other. Black is beauty and when that beauty decorates your fingers, you become the center of attraction. What’s make them so special is their magnificence; they hold the magic that only a black color lover can see. This color also compliments every skin color.

Watch this video to see how does Jeulia black diamond ring look:

Some Interesting Facts about Black Diamond Ring:

Here are some little known facts about black diamonds that will increase your love for these beautiful stones:

  • Carbonado is the second name of black diamonds; this name is given to them by Portuguese because they look like porous charcoal
  • They are the toughest form of diamond
  • Naturally, they are found in Brazil and Central African Republic
  • The color varies from black to dark grey
  • According to some scientists, they are extra-terrestrial; they came in meteors
  • They have small amount of hydrogen in them along with carbon, that what made some scientists believe that an asteroid carried them to earth about 2.8 million year ago
  • Among all kinds of diamonds, they are the rarest
  • The most expensive form of black diamonds are semi-transparent black diamonds
  • Black Star of Africa is the largest colored diamond in the world; it weighs 202 carets and costs 1.2 million US dollars; it was seen last time in Tokyo in 1971
  • Another famous black diamond is ‘Table of Islam’; it weighs 160.18 carats
  • The Pear Shaped Amsterdam Diamond is also a famous diamond of the world weighing 55.85 carets
  • Among all of them, the largest is the Black Diamond of Bahia; it is unpolished but weighs 350 carets
  • High temperature and radiation are considered to be the reason that they have black color
  • One thought is that they areoriginated on earth 3.5 billion years ago

Jeulia Black Diamond Ring Review – Final Thought

Black is beautiful especially when it is the color of a diamond. Black holds beauty and elegance. Black is the color of fashionable and glamorous people. If you want to inspire your beloved, you can buy the black diamond ring from Jeulia, and it will surely awestruck her. You can get the further discount on your purchase when you buy from Jeulia with us. Use our Jeulia Black Diamond Ring coupon code at the checkout and get the amazing discount.

How to Buy Jeulia Black Diamond Ring and Price Range?

When you want to buy black diamond ring from Jeulia, buy it with us. Jeulia offers jewelry at very affordable rates. Their price range for black diamond rings starts from $75.95 and then increases according to the quality and the design of the ring. Buy it with this Jeulia coupon code we provide and get amazing discount on your purchase right away.

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(Jeulia Black Diamond Ring Review)

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