Jeulia Birthstone Jewelry Review

Birthstones are associated with every month of the year. They are thought to improve the luck of the stone bearer. Every month has their special stone like diamond is for the people born in April and ruby is for the July babies. Jeulia provides the birthstone jewelry for the months January to August. In our Jeulia Birthstone Jewelry review, we have discussed more about what they are offering.

An In-depth Jeulia Birthstone Jewelry Review

What is Jeulia Birthstone Jewelry?

Jeulia Birthstone Jewelry Review

Birthstone jewelry is thought to hold magical power. It is believed that the birthstone has the healing power and therapeutic influences on the bearer. Jeulia offers the birthstone jewelry for the months January to August. Their jewelry range includes rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces.

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What Make Jeulia Birthstone Jewelry So Special?

Jeulia is typically known because of their beautiful jewelry designs. Jeulia offers birthstone jewelry that is more fashionable and appealing than the traditional birthstone jewelry.

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Types of Jeulia Birthstone Jewelry:

Jeulia offers eight different kinds of birthstone jewelry:

  • Birthstone/ January: Garnet
  • Birthstone/ February: Amethyst
  • Birthstone/ March: Aquamarine
  • Birthstone/ April: Diamond
  • Birthstone/ May: Emerald
  • Birthstone/ June: Pearl and Opal
  • Birthstone/ July: Ruby
  • Birthstone/August: Peridot

Some interesting facts about Jeulia Birthstone Jewelry:

There are some amazing facts about Jeulia Birthstone Jewelry that will convince you to buy one for yourself:


  • It is thought to have the power to improve relationship
  • It gives courage to the people born in February
  • According to the ancient Greek belief, this stone guards against intoxication


  • It is considered as the favorite stone of the Sea God Neptune
  • Sailor used to keep them when they go in sea because it was believed that it has the power to protect from danger
  • It is said that drinking the water in which this stone was soaked can cure the diseases of heart, stomach and liver


  • It is the symbol of everlasting love
  • It is called Vajra in Sanskrit which means lightning
  • Vajra was the weapon of Indra in Indian mythology; he was the king of Gods


  • This beautiful green stone is considered to provide foresight to the owner along with giving good fortune and youth
  • It is a symbol of rebirth


  • Pearl is the symbol of purity and the birthstone of June
  • According to the Greek mythology, pearls are the tears of joy of the Goddess of love Aphrodite


  • In the ancient Hindus, this stone is considered as the ‘King of Gems’
  • It is believed that it has the power to protect its wearer from the evil and increase the love and passion
  • It is the birthstone of the people born in July


  • It is also called as evening emerald because of its light green color
  • It is the symbol of strength
  • Some says that it is the tears of the Volcano Goddess Pele
  • When wear in Gold, it keeps the nightmares away

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How to Buy Jeulia Birthstone Jewelry?

When you want to buy from, buy with us. We offer a special discount on your purchase when you use of Jeulia coupon code. The price of the Jeulia Birthstone jewelry is starting from as low as $65.95 and going up to $300. Price range varies from product to product and depends upon the birthstone used and other materials that are utilized in jewelry making.

Jeulia Birthstone Jewelry Review – Conclusion

Jeulia birthstone jewelry is fashionable and elegant. You have a choice to select from the variety of birthstone jewelry; there’s no need to wear that old traditional jewelry design with your birthstone. Book your Jeulia birthstone jewelry today by using our Jeulia coupon code and get the discount up to 50% off on your purchase right away.

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